Roman Candles EP

by Mirror Lady

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released April 2, 2012

Production, Mixing, Mastering, and Additional Instrumentation by Will Lakritz

All songs written and performed by Mirror Lady



all rights reserved


Mirror Lady Los Angeles, California

Mirror Lady was born somewhere deep in the hills of Silverlake, CA with just her Casio Keyboard and a Cassette Deck.

New Wave Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop

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Track Name: Shapes (Spiderwoman)
She's got shapes but i know better
She'll get down with any boy who lets her
I never meant to get here, i never meant to call
Now she's lyin in my bedroom
And the drinks are wearing off

Her legs are long
She looks like a spider
The more you move, the more you fight her
In nothing but your t-shirt
She holds you to the wall
And wraps her web till you cant move at all
Track Name: Roman Candles
And you heard something on the radio
That made me creep into your head
Faded pictures of a parking lot
Roman candles in our hands

As we lay and watched the fireworks
And the ashes hit our eyes
We had nothing left to talk about
All we did was say goodbye

And when your heart attacks
You'll be screaming my name
I ain't coming back
That'll be the day
Track Name: You Left Me
You left me in the city
You left me in my mind
Aw girl, you're all the time

I left you in your blanket
Lying on the lawn
Oh, you'll be gone by dawn.

'cause you left me
all alone
now I can't seem
to make it on my own

You left me in the water
When I don't know how to swim
This could be the end

I left you at the airport
Go fly into the sky
This ain't no goodbye

How much is moving on?
Track Name: For Good
I watch you fall out the bar
Platform heels and sun spots on your heart
and with each drink
we began to fall apart
For good

There's magic in your face
Every time you say
You'll be back in the golden state

So girl, who am I to say
Stay another day
and stand in your way

I see you're in Silverlake
I know its hard, but baby please just wait
I'll meet you in Los Feliz
For Good
Track Name: Hands Are Tied
you got your hair combed back
and your shirt pulled up
the boy don't stand a chance
and its his only chance

you says you hands are tied
because your friends are tired
of watching you lie awake
and wait for him

he's had too much to drink
he's fallin down in the streets
he's begging you not to leave

she's had too long to think
and he's lying through his teeth
cause he already knows in the end

it won't be the better love

ain't gonna work it out
it won't be the better love
it's always the same
it won't be the better love

ain't gonna work it out
don't be bitter love
it's always the same

you left your shoes untied
and your shirt untucked
the girl don't even glance
cause its way past your chance

you say your hands are tied
because you're always tired
of watching em come and go
they don't wait for you

cause when she's had too much to drink
and she just can't fall asleep
she'll be begging you not to leave

and when you've had too long to think
you'll be lying through your teeth
cause you already know in the end